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Our 5 Easy Steps to Comply with Canadian COVID-19 Regulations

Our 5 Easy Steps to Comply with Canadian COVID-19 Regulations

COVID-19 has drastically changed the nature of the retail industry. In only one year, thousands of
retail workers have been laid off. Meanwhile, customers turn from spenders to savers, as
discretionary expenses drop across all sectors in the country due to an uncertain future. Most
importantly, in a post-COVID world, consumers and businesses alike have been forced to accept
many of the advantages which online businesses have over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Does this spell the end of traditional retail business?

Not necessarily! Here at everydayretail, we have developed key techniques to ensure that our
business complies with COVID-19 regulations while prioritizing the health and safety of our
customers. Here are 5 of our methods:

1. Use floor stickers to inform customers about instructions such as social distancing measures
and directions. As a bonus, vivid colours will add to the vibrance of your store layout and will
be sure to attract attention.

2. Hang portrait frames with information about safety protocols on COVID-19. These frames
can be easily assembled and placed on walls or other structures throughout your store.

3. Check the temperatures of customers and employees with a touchless thermometer before
they enter your store.

4. Use floor stand displays to clearly promote your messages to walking traffic. Like portrait
frames, they can be effectively used where people are most likely to gather in your store.

5. Most importantly, keep your establishment sanitized. Assist customers who are not aware of
your store policies and hold regular staff meetings to ensure every member is aware of
consistent personal hygiene.

We hope these strategies will bring your business success in these difficult times.

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